About Tokyo Twilight Chef, Reiko

“I feel most happy when people smile at the food that I prepare. It’s a simple joy.”

I grew up in Japan where much importance is placed on food. It was quite natural to follow the path of becoming even more obsessed with food as I became older.

I have been teaching Japanese cooking in my home and offering catering in New York using local and organic seasonal foods. My principal in food that I prepare is that it has to be tasty and healthy.

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In Japanese cuisine there is more emphasis on freshness and seasonality of the ingredients. The huge variety of seasonal foods results in an appreciation of when the different foods are in season and their suitability for providing satisfaction at the time of year when their quality is at its best. Care is taken to make the prepared foods very digestible. Lightness and transparency through fine simplicity is my favourite part of a Japanese meal.

I choose a specifically practical approach for teaching technique, so you will be pleasantly surprised at how easily fine flavor and visual delight can be achieved at your own home after my cooking class.